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Why merchants and shoppers should shun Amazon’s Prime Day®.

Investigation: The real fallacy and marketing gimmick behind Amazon’s Prime Day revealed.

A more accurate moniker describing Amazon® Prime Day is “Hidden Fee Gimmick Day.” They also score billions of dollars in free media coverage. You are forced to pay $139 before you save a penny.

green minimalist Reminder instagram story  169x300 - Why merchants and shoppers should shun Amazon's Prime Day®.There is an overlooked problem with Amazon’s Prime Day, the annual online shopping event compared to Black Friday, and offering “sales” during a today event.

Prime Day is a calamity for small businesses and a marketing gimmick few consumers understand.

ScanMyPhotos is frustrated with Amazon’s hidden fee gimmicks and is doing something about it.


  • Many consumers shop for the deal, but are Prime Day bargains a real discount? What are the hidden costs?
  • This marketing gimmick scores massive media attention – billions in free advertising.
  • You are forced to pay $139 before you save a penny.
  • If you are not an Amazon Prime member, good luck; you can’t play their game.
  • This is the definition of a “pay-for-play” marketing scheme.
  • Many of the discounts are closeouts, last year’s models, and unsold overstocked items.
  • Bloggers, the media, and influencers crow about the #PrimeDay deals but fail to explain the caveat.
  • The first rule. There is a $139 upfront signup fee.

    Not Everyone Is a Fan of Amazon Prime Day

  • The other problem is how shopping during Prime Day is an assault on America’s small businesses.
  • While it sounds like Amazon is compassionate for supporting small businesses, there is a backstory.
  • Are small businesses required to be an Amazon merchant — listed on its platform?
  • What are the hidden fees to merchants for every purchase?
  • Better is to buy directly — to support companies as they promote their own discounts.

The lesson and cautionary tale are how companies must sell directly to consumers without middleman agents collecting hidden fees.

ScanMyPhotos is a longtime advocate for small businesses. We designed our own discounts for year-round photo scanning void of marketing gimmicks and signup fees. Will other companies follow along?


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