How to Get Digital Copies of APS Film For $7.95

What’s the most affordable way to have APS film professionally digitized?

Advanced Photo System (APS) is a discontinued film format for still photography that began production in 1996 as a one-off gateway to digital photography.


digital copies of APS filmIt was marketed by a consortium of photography companies, including Eastman Kodak under the brand name Advantix, FujiFilm as Nexia, Agfa under the name Futura and Konica as Centuria. The problem is hundreds of millions of these still-analog cartridges are fading away. Most people have no way to view those memories. One APS distinction was its ability to record information other than the image, including its barcode, for easier identification.

Now, starting at just $7.95, you quickly get 15, 25, or 40-exposure APS film cartridges professionally digitized from the experts in photo scanning,


Though APS was a type of film used only for a short time, the images captured on those negatives might be some of your family’s favorites. Preserve them with scanning!

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Found lost memories in your photo archives? Digitize to organize and unclutter pictures.

Digitize it before it’s too late, including APS film.

Is your household cleaning project getting the better of you? Do you have hundreds of APS cartridges boxed and stored away? Or are those film negatives heated, mildewed, and at risk of being ruined due to natural disasters? Before it’s too late, we can digitally help you preserve your precious memories.

Take advantage of this easy way by paying one price –regardless of exposure count (15, 25, or 40 exposure). When ordering, choose 2,000 dpi JPEG scans for just $7.95 per roll or 4,000 dpi for $12.95 per roll.


Your negatives will be individually hand-scanned onsite at our corporate headquarters in Irvine, California, and handled with the greatest of care by trained professionals to ensure the highest quality digital format.

Orders include 1 DVD data disc with your scanned images (2,000 dpi, True Color, 24-bit JPEG)
Digital ICE is only available for color negatives
1-business day scanning available.
All APS cartridges are also returned to you.

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