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The review: “I and the people interviewed for my [Associated Press (AP)] story had a great experience with ScanMyPhotos” — Michael Liedtke, AP reporter.



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15 Reasons You Should Digitize Your Photo Collection Right Now: Have you been looking for memorable, long-forgotten family photos? You know, the ones you have no idea where you put them. We have a few ideas for recovering them to preserve and share. They may be in an old shoebox under your bed, in your attic, or in the back of your closet. Wherever they are, is here to help preserve them all.





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Save 50% on Fill-The-Box Bulk Photo Scanning. The Best Way to Clean Up Your Photo Clutter: Are you looking for a way to unclutter your family photographs? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! We have just the deal for your home organizing project to save 50% on digitizing photo snapshots. We are offering this 50% discount for bulk photo scanning to unclutter your family photographs. Now save 50% from digitizing your photo snapshots. Pay as little as $110 to have about 1,800 pictures digitized with free delivery. (Discount does not apply to FGC, eGift cards, or any other service but includes all add-on extra services for Fill-the-Box photo scanning).






Green Food Photo Announcement Updates and Report Talking Presentation 300x169 - Best customer retention strategies includes VIP ScanMyPhotos Ambassador ProgramFree VIP ScanMyPhotos Ambassador Program: As a loyal ScanMyPhotos Journal reader, we prepared this unique program for you. You now have access to front-of-the-line processing. You are in. Welcome to ScanMyPhotos VIP Ambassador Status for express next-up photo scanning, and you save 25% on your next digitization service when you enter this promo code at checkout: Ambassador. To access the VIP Ambassador free line cutting and express scanning, just type: “Ambassador” at checkout under “special instructions.


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