Best customer retention strategies includes VIP ScanMyPhotos Ambassador Program

ScanMyPhotos announces the VIP Ambassador program for customer retention and appreciation.

ScanMyPhotos Ambassador Program


As a loyal ScanMyPhotos Journal reader, we cooked up this special program for you.

You now have access to the ScanMyPhotos VIP Ambassador status for express next-up photo scanning and to save 25% on all digitization services. Express VIP next-up service is only available when you order the highest level resolution scans. Example. Must order 600 dpi resolution (photos), and 4,000 dpi resolution (35mm slides and film negatives) to have your order moved to the front for expedited service.




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Q: What are the benefits of being a ScanMyPhotos Ambassador?

A: Congrats! As one of our favorite, most loyal customers, your experience with us just got a whole lot more exclusive. You earned front-of-the-line express access to our VIP scanning services. It is free, and your VIP Ambassador status runs throughout 2022.

Ambassador VIP ScanMyPhotos Customer Loyalty ProgramWhen ordering, type “Ambassador” under special instructions at checkout for admission to this VIP program. Discount towards new orders only. See below to claim the 25% discount.

As a ScanMyPhotos VIP Ambassador, nobody knows our story better than you. When you share your experience, tell friends, post social media reviews, you and your friends will save 25% on the next digital preservation project. The promo code to share is Ambassador.

Among the feedback we earned over the past 32 years, this comment by a ScanMyPhotos Ambassador means the world to us. Thanks to Steve H. in Dunwoody, GA for sharing this:

Here is an email I sent to a bunch of friends and neighbors praising ScanMyPhotos.

I have something you may (or may not) be interested in. It is getting your old family photos scanned. Suzi and I did it several years ago with ScanMyPhotos and were delighted with the results. (Attached are examples.) We just send in our second box of 1,800 photos, some going back to 1909. I will add that our kids liked getting a thumb drive with all 1,800 pictures on them. Suzi and I like the fact that ALL the pictures will go to each of the kids right now… they are not going to have to sit around a table and divvy them up someday.

The quality of the photos we got back is better than the photos I sent them. As we all know, photos deteriorate over time. But today there are algorithms that help bring back the color and resolution. So, as with the samples I’ve attached, the scanned images are not as good as when we originally brought the photos home. But they are much better than what I sent ScanMyPhotos. Also, on the batch I just sent in I ordered a photo enhancement extra that was not available last time I ordered. So my next ones ought to be better than these samples.

It is simple to order. Just put the pictures in a prepaid box that they send you and take the box to the post office. Then they send you back the pictures along with a DVD with the scanned images. (Getting them on a jump drive instead of a DVD is one of their extras.) I have to tell you that it is a real pain to fill the box. We went through all the pictures, sorted them by size, filled out a Word doc summarizing the contents each year, and rubber banded them together. We did it over a month or two, so I don’t know how much time it took. But I’d guess we’re talking about 3, 8 hour days if we did them all at once. It was fun seeing all the pictures again, but the sorting and classifying was a pain. So be aware: The pain for us was greater than the cost of getting the pictures scanned. But we’re still glad we did it. If you end up getting photos scanned, let me know and I have some tips that will save lots of time.


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