‘USPS is a service and is essential’: Yahoo Finance, ScanMyPhotos Interview

Delays at the USPS are affecting millions of businesses and every consumer.

NEWS UPDATE. FEBRUARY, 2021: “Louis DeJoy to face Congress over USPS delays”

usps7 300x192 - ‘USPS is a service and is essential’: Yahoo Finance, ScanMyPhotos InterviewAs many of you know about our decades of consumer activism and passion for using our voice as a platform for change. Recently, we became aware of intentional delays at the U.S. Postal Service.

Every e-commerce business, millions of companies have one thing in common, logistics. How to get your goods to market? USPS is our lifeline and that’s why we are speaking up.

Follow along as we post updates to this story. We joined Yahoo Finance’s Kristin Myers to discuss our open letter to President Trump as the USPS struggles to stay afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic. WATCH THE INTERVIEW.

‘We see it here every day’: How a slowdown in the Postal Service is impacting small businesses,” reported by Ben Werschkul, DC Producer, Yahoo Finance.

How Postal Service cutbacks have left small businesses hurting,” reported by Samantha Masunaga, Los Angeles Times.

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Excerpt: ScanMyPhotos began in 1990 and quickly developed a close relationship with its local post office in Irvine, Calif. “They are the reason we have this company,” co-founder Mitch Goldstone said an interview with Yahoo Finance. The company, which digitizes physical photos, says it has digitized and sent 600 million pictures back to customers. But in recent weeks, Goldstone has seen an array of problems as new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has begun to implement operational changes that are slowing deliveries. “We see it here every day and we get it in the customer service phone calls,” Goldstone said.


OPEN LETTER: Mr. Trump, Intentional Delays to USPS Deliveries May Force Millions of Businesses to Close

“Gratitude: Actor and social activist Danny Glover recorded a public service announcement expressing gratitude to Postal Workers.”

Thank you to Senator Elizabeth Waren for sharing and tweeting our Yahoo Finance article.


The ScanMyPhotos Story: 

Mike Hardeman, better known by most of you as “Rocky Mountain Mike,” is the hilarious song parody guy from the Stephanie Miller Show.

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