Since 1990, over one billion photo memories preserved.

The unique characteristics of long-forgotten analog photography

Remember your decades of old-school photo snapshots? What are the unique characteristics of long-forgotten analog photography

propps1 300x194 - The unique characteristics of long-forgotten analog photographyPhotography is among the most nostalgic forms of art I can imagine. Do you remember the times of your life?

Pictures from smartphones are split-second and instantaneous impulses. You see something and press the button.

There is no cost and often no thought behind the composition or subject matter.

Back when film cameras were the only mechanism to capture images, there was cost and effort. There was a real price to buy C41 film processing and have it developed. This is why pre-digital photos are more nostalgic and often more thoughtful. Those memories had art and contemplation behind each picture. Every photo mattered.

Today, it is easy to trigger an impulsive shot that holds little meaning beyond the moment. Look at your camera roll to see what I mean. How many pictures matter and are worth preserving for generations?

Check out your library of old snapshots. Film photography was more similar to an archivist documentary — saving the special moments from your own history.

The often-overlooked challenge is have were those pictures saved. Many are hidden away in mildewy boxes and dust-gathering closets. Rarely visited to explore your past. As travel and new adventures are off-limits, this is an ideal time to reexplore your past. Have a plan. Digitize your pictures, narrate the stories behind everything, share and safeguard in the cloudy.

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Lost Photos? How to Recover Your Nostalgic Family Photo History?

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