News From MSN: “Expert Decluttering Tips for Your Pandemic-Inspired Purge”

How to Declutter Your Lifetime of Old-School Photo Scanpshots by Digitizing Your Nostalgia

stuckathome 300x300 - News From MSN: "Expert Decluttering Tips for Your Pandemic-Inspired Purge"

Welcome to the ScanMyPhotos community. This national news profile on how to declutter as you are staying safe at home was published by Microsoft News (MSN). It includes why photo scanning is so in-demand, for normalcy and revisiting your nostalgia as we are stuck at home.

Excerpt: With people across the country cooped up at home, it’s more important than ever to maintain a liveable space. The COVID-19 crisis makes decluttering for the whole family, from kids to seniors, a necessity whether it’s a fast job or not, but it also forces some changes in how you have to go about trimming the fat and getting organized. Here are a few expert tips on how to downsize safely so you can make the most out of the space you’re stuck in.


Digitize Old Photos: Digitizing those mountains of old physical photographs can preserve precious pictures for safekeeping while also clearing lots of clutter. “While traveling is off limits as families stay safe at home, there is a way to revisit past adventures while decluttering your lifetime of photo snapshots,” says Mitch Goldstone of


“Gather all those shoeboxes and albums to digitize long-forgotten pictures.” In reality, however, scanning them one by one or even batch by batch into your printer’s scanner is simply not a practical use of time. Entrepreneurs with professional equipment have stepped in to fill that void, many at a very reasonable price. Goldstone’s company, for example, will digitize 4,000 photos for $40, or a penny per photo.


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