Celebrity Photos Revealed Series: Muhammad Ali’s Photographs (CBS Sunday Morning)

The Photographs of “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali’ private photographs revealed.

Where are your cherished family photos? Imagine if your history disappeared and was lost?

This CBS Sunday Morning “The public and private Muhammad Ali” feature by Tony Decoplia, produced by Mary Lou Teel, and edited by Chad Cardin is pure magic. A romp down memory lane as we get to see the champ’s historic photographs.

Watch the private moments and magic from “the greatest of all time,” Ali! Many of these pictures were never seen before.

From the CBS Sunday Morning website: “The book “Picture: Muhammad Ali” shows how photographers from the Louisville Courier-Journal, the boxer’s hometown newspaper, captured both public and private moments of “The Greatest.” Tony Dokoupil talks with the newspaper’s photographers who covered Ali throughout his career.”

My most significant Ali moment was as a spectator, watching live as Muhammad Ali illuminated the Olympic Flame at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games.

Over the years, ScanMYPhotos.com has digitized 600 million equally magical moments, but nothing quite like these:

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