Andrew Mellen, one of the country’s most sought-after professional organizers shares foolproof strategies for packing and moving in his new book: “The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving.”

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The Most Organized Man in America's Guide to Moving by [Mellen, Andrew]Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you’ll find exact methods and complete instructions in The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving by professional organizer, Andrew Mellen.

Often called “The Most Organized Man in America,” Mellen has demystified moving,
breaking it down into easy to follow instructions to reduce stress, mess, and confusion for the novice and pro alike.

Moving sucks. But getting smart about your approach to the process can save you time,
money, and heartache from the start. One of the pioneers of professional organizing, Andrew Mellen knows a thing or two about sorting, packing, and finding more joy in less stuff.

The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving offers conversational, step-by-step guidance for getting rid of the stuff you don’t want before you go to the trouble of packing it along with simple instructions on what to do each week to make your move a stress-free success.

This handy book also demystifies topics like insurance, changing your address, and how to decide whether to hire a pro to transport your belongings or DIY.
-over-The guide includes:

• A foolproof checklist to keep you on track right up to moving day
• Easy-to-follow instructions on how to sort your belongings once and for all
• Tips and tricks for moving with kids and pets
• DIY Packing
• Working with Professional Movers
• Suggestions for moving with disabilities
• Access to a printable library of useful resources and free bonus materials
Whether you’re headed across the country or just across town, following this comprehensive, practical guide will help you walk into your new home less frazzled—and so much more organized—than you ever thought possible.

Written in Mellen’s signature no-nonsense yet playful tone, The Most Organized Man in
America’s Guide to Moving brims with personality, along with the ultimate guide of what to do each week to keep your move on track. From three months prior to your moving day, you will always know what to do when to make your move a success.

Divided into eight easy-to-read chapters, The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving takes you step-by-step from your current home to your new home without clutter, disarray or discord.

In The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving, Mellen offers everyone a way to relocate their home (or office) full of possibility and absent chaos, confusion, and clutter.

About the Author:

Andrew Mellen is an author, speaker, coach and professional organizer who has been featured widely in the media, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CBS Sunday Morning, UK Daily Mail, Fast Company, Forbes, TEDx, O, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living Today, Ladies’ Home Journal, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, GQ, InStyle, HGTV, DIY, BetterTV, and NPR. With a coast-to-coast roster of clients including the NY Mets, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Goldman Sachs, he speaks internationally on organization, simplicity and time management. He lives in New York City.