“Family Pictures USA” on PBS: Uncover your family history stored in photo albums

Tune in to watch “Family Pictures USA” on PBS. “Once you see America through family pictures, you’ll never see this country again the same way.” Uncover your family history stored in photo albums.


Rediscover your Family History Through Pictures


“Family Pictures USA” on PBS: Uncover your family history stored in photo albums


If you are into genealogy, a photographer, or your family’s historical archivist, see why we are raving about the new PBS series Family Pictures USA. Explore the stories that connect us.


The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” comes to life in this new PBS TV series to convey how a single photograph provides meaning to narrate a family’s past.


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The Family Pictures USA Story


Family Pictures USA is a documentary-style magazine show, filmed before a live studio audience, that journeys through a rapidly changing landscape where the foundations of a familiar and idealized “AMERICA” are being transformed.



As ordinary Americans begin to discover their hidden family histories, stashed in boxes in dusty attics or on old floppy disks and new smartphones, they will unpack more than artifacts and ephemera.



They will re-meet their relatives and old friends —fascinating characters, brought back to life by images and stories —giving them a new home in our collective consciousness, and introducing us to a more nuanced and diverse story of our common history, shared present and evolving future.



Family Pictures USA will mine this rich treasure trove of personal narratives to reveal roots, connections, and provocative parallels that will surprise us and illuminate the path toward a new America for a 21st Century.



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The St. Louis American Review:


“Harris visited dozens of cities across the United States creating shared experiences of familial pride that made for compelling content for “Family Pictures USA,” which showcases families in Detroit, North Carolina, and Florida.”


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Watch This Thomas Allen Harris TEDxCUNY Interview. Why Family Photographs Matter | Thomas Allen Harris:


“In the age of Facebook and digital photographs, Thomas Allen Harris explores the need for the traditional, physical family photograph in this TedX Talks presentation.




Using these mementos as a starting point, we can open our hearts and minds to memory and healing. Thomas Allen Harris is a filmmaker and artist whose work illuminates the human condition and the search for identity, family, and spirituality.


What Is Your Most Precious Family Photo?


“Family Pictures USA” on PBS: Uncover your family history stored in photo albumsReported by nationally syndicated columnist, Marni Jameson, “Mitch Goldstone as a boy in 1967 at Disneyland with his father, who died two years later. “Imagine if someone had tossed this?” he asks. Instead, a photo restoration made the old photo look new again.”


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How to share your story and family photos with Family Photos USA

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Family Pictures USA (2019) | Official Trailer


The show travels the country to reveal and uncover family photo albums. The bigger story than a recovered photograph is how it explains a family’s history. Until now, these archived moments were gathering dust rather than telling a modern-day story about the past.


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