“How Edward Weston Processed His Photos,” From Advancing Your Photography

How Edward Weston Processed His Photos

Thanks to Marc Silber, host of  Advancing Your Photography. According to Marc’s website, he “brings you tricks and tips directly from some of the world’s best photographers. The best way to learn is from those who have mastered it, so we go out and video pros like Chase Jarvis, Thomas Hawk, Bambi Cantrell and many more. Tune in and be inspired, go shoot, and share your passion.”

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From Advancing Your Photography:

We’re bringing you the final installment of our Edward Weston legacy series from 1948. Weston was one of the masters of 20th-century photography.



This segment covers how he processed his photos in his darkroom and discusses some of his inspirations for his photography. So join me again as we step back in time to explore the world of Edward Weston.

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