Smartest Innovation in Celebrating Family and Photography is Confetti

Why we are raving on Confetti — the most innovative way to share stories and create unique photo albums.

Here’s the thing. Beyond scanning pictures, one of the top questions we receive is “what next? How to share and use the newly digitized pictures?  One of our smartest answers is a company we are raving on.

Confetti, is a milestone company that is the catalyst for storytelling and connecting multigenerational families together to share pictures and create very unique photo books. It is a natural next step after pictures are scanned. This digital tool helps compile photos, text and other content to celebrate moments in people’s lives.

It begins here as you upload photos, messages, and memories to create affordable photo books and digital slideshows. Photo books begin at $15. You can invite as many people as you want and there is no limit on contributors.

  • Create — Set up your project for the person you’re celebrating by giving it a title and cover photo.
  • Invite — Invite their friends and family to contribute photos and messages into the Confetti platform.
  • Give — Confetti automatically creates a beautiful photo book and a digital slideshow of their memories to share.
  • Collaboration — Quickly and easily gather content from a whole community of people in one place.
  • Shareability — With the digital slideshow, you can easily share the final product with all your collaborators.
  • Simplicity — As soon as you accept content, it’s added into your bookmaker.

[Content credit: Confetti]

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