5 Photo Gifts for Father’s Day

keychain 300x206 - 5 Photo Gifts for Father’s Day

By Vanessa Mallory Kotz


This year, instead of a tie or cologne, give Dad a personalized photo gift and make it a holiday to remember. In addition to digitizing pictures, it’s easier than ever to print digitized photos onto just about any object imaginable. Here are our top five ideas to make Dad smile on his special day.


  1. Photo book of kids’ drawings

Your little ones are producing so many drawings, it’s hard to reach the handle on the refrigerator. Thin out the gallery by selecting the best of the bunch and scan them into a photo book. It will last longer than a stack of dusty macaroni collages and crumbling crayon masterpieces in the back of the closet, and you won’t feel guilty about tossing them. Drugstores like Walgreens offer gorgeous photo book options—and same-day service—they’ll even do all the scanning for you. https://bit.ly/2xZUt6P


  1. Coffee mug featuring his favorite “toy”

Did your man give up his sports car or motorcycle for a minivan? Maybe your grandpa is nostalgic for that Volkswagen van he drove across the country with his pals in the 70’s. Or that dream Ferrari is just not within reach? Have a photo of his favorite ride printed on a mug, and he’ll be greeted with a happy memory every morning when he pours his first cup of coffee. Shutterfly is currently offering up to 50% off photo mugs. https://bit.ly/2LFd0Yc


  1. Custom blanket

Get the popcorn ready! Next time you’re cuddled on the sofa for family movie night, wrap yourself up in a custom throw from collage.com. Select a few choice photos—from family vacations to birthday parties to that hilarious candid you captured last Father’s Day—and the company will arrange them into a perfect collage on your choice of blanket. Fuzzy fleece would be extra cozy. https://bit.ly/2Jq5d3D


  1. Brighten up his workspace with a mural

Order a custom vinyl wall mural for Dad’s restaurant, store or other business. Make the walls of his workplace pop with a professionally installed mural featuring his logo or motto to reinforce his brand. Or add texture to his home office with a faux brick wall or “ocean” view. AP Graphics by 3M has elevated the dorm room product to a professional level that will make any business look great. https://bit.ly/2sVpaUT



  1. A keychain is a photo gift he can carry everywhere

Keychains are a great gift for Father’s Day. This one from Walmart is inexpensive but gives off a luxe vibe with durable leather. Include a family portrait and voila! The perfect gift to remind him of how lucky he is to be a dad. https://bit.ly/2HABiQL