Hurricane Evacuation Checklist via Accuweather

Hurricane preparedness tips 296x300 - Hurricane Evacuation Checklist via AccuweatherBeyond the devastating losses from natural disasters are something often overlooked until it’s too late. Pictures. In the aftermath from Hurricane Harvey, one billion family photos were destroyed. There are to many heartbreaking stores, as lifetime’s of analog family photos are ruined.

Accuweather just posted this vital story on preparedness, what would happen in you had only hours to evacuate?  Excerpt:

Also, don’t forget about creating digital copies of irreplaceable items such as family photos.  “It’s so troubling that with the number of pictures out there, so few have been digitized,” said Mitch Goldstone, president and chief executive officer of ScanMyPhotos. He stressed the importance of not only digitizing photos but also having backups saved to a cloud or at a relative or friend’s house.

Evacuation checklist: How to get your family out safely in the face of an imminent disaster

We also just saw this heartbreaking from Casey Neistat that Candice’s parents lost nearly everything from the Harvey flooding, including their family photos.


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