Are Your Memories Safe? West Coast and Beyond Brace for El Niño

Winter is coming—and this one promises to be hard-hitting.


The West Cost, in particular, is facing a possible El Niño season. It seems as though the effects of El Niño may already be under way with unusual hurricanes, warm ocean temperatures, and an increase in rain fall. For California and coastal regions, the heavy rainfall could mean flash floods and mudslides. For places like Colorado, this could mean harsh winter storms with heavy snowfall.


The predicted below-average temperatures combined with the forecasted above-average perception could spell disaster for residents throughout the southern half of the U.S.


Here at ScanMyPhotos, we’ve been locked onto this developing El Niño story, hoping to gauge the coming intensity and impact. For us, impending storms are serious business.


We’ve heard countless stories about how natural disasters wiped away hundreds of year’s worth of photos, videos, and precious memories. And, as weather man Al Roker said, “Doesn’t even have to be a disaster, you could have a flood in your basement and you’ve lost everything.”


In fact, around this time two years ago, ScanMyPhotos was featured on a Weather Channel segment in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The following clip shows Staten Island resident Phyllis Puglia trying to salvage her photos after Sandy destroyed her home.



Every time we hear a story like Phyllis’s our hearts break a little more. So many people have lost irreplaceable memories—and the worst part is, they didn’t have to. We can’t stress enough how important it is to scan and back up your photos—whether it’s to keep them safe from a super storm’s flash flood or a house fire caused by an unattended fireplace.


Don’t let the story of Phyllis and countless other ScanMyPhotos customers go unheard. Prevention is the only thing that will ensure you photos won’t see an untimely end. Contact us today to get started.


“The time to prepare is now, before the next disaster takes your memories.” – Dave Malkoff