How One Customer is Using Photo Restoration to Honor Memories of Missing Brother

SMP Fran Phoenix 300x185 - How One Customer is Using Photo Restoration to Honor Memories of Missing Brother
The before and after restoration of Fran’s photo with her brother.

Fran Phoenix recently sent us a photo to restore that had a deeply emotional meaning and story behind it.


“The photo I sent to ScanMyPhotos is of my brother, Marcus Reed. I’m 42 and he’ll be 41 in November. We grew up together in the same house and were very close.”


Unfortunately, as sometimes happens as we get older, the two siblings started to grow apart.


After high school, Fran went on to college, got married, and had children, while Marcus moved around a lot, never staying long in one place. Just when he seemed to be settling down with a good job in Atlanta, he took the family by surprise, telling them he was moving to San Diego. This was last November, and it was the last time his family has heard from him.


“We’re not sure where he is, or if something happened to him, and we have no contact information other than the cell phone number we keep calling. He never answers though and the phone rings and rings with no one picking up.”


His family is very concerned and greatly misses Marcus. Aside from the cell phone number, the only way they can currently connect with him is through memories and photos of the good times.


“I only have two photos of me and my brother as children and both have been damaged. The photo I just sent to ScanMyPhotos is approximately 35 years old and was in bad shaped. I’ve been wanting to have it restored for a long time. Years ago I looked into it but it was too expensive—people wanted hundreds of dollars to restore one photo. With technology improving all the time, I recently did another photo restoration Google search and found ScanMyPhotos. I was shocked at how affordable it was and how nice the photo turned out.”


Fran will be sending the other photo of her and her brother to ScanMyPhotos in the next few weeks. Her plan is to print out both restored versions of the photos and give them to their mom for Christmas.


If anyone out there knows Marcus or is in contact with him, please let him know his family misses him and is waiting for a phone call. Hopefully we can make Christmas happen a bit earlier for Fran and her family by connecting them with their missing loved one.