Get Creative with Your Facebook Cover Photo

Make your Facebook Timeline unique!


Using a stand-out Timeline cover photo you’re sure to impress your friends but you better act fast before someone else takes inspiration from the same template or idea you like. Overnight, websites dedicated to producing unique and inspiring cover photos have popped up, giving Facebook users an easy way to create the perfect image.

    • CoverCanvas


    • Cover Photo Magic


    • MyFBCovers


    • FirstCovers


  • Pic Scatter


Each site offers something slightly different. Read Kristin Burnham’s full article, “5 Websites for Cool Facebook Cover Photos” discussing each website and what it offers.

Facebook: the digital diary


Facebook might be described by some as a digital diary of a person’s life because it “saves” photos you upload or are tagged in, things you wrote about on your wall, activities you’ve done, comments from your friends, and much more. In line with the name “Timeline”, Facebook can easily preserve your memories across all the time you’ve been on Facebook as well as your life before you joined the social networking site.
Do you know what would really make your cover photo stand out? Photos from years ago show your life’s progression. With ScanMyPhotos, you can easily have the materials (your digitized photos!) to help you create an amazing cover photo. Order either our prepaid photo scanning box or use our pay-per-scan option, get the images back on DVD, and use the photos to create your brand new cover photo.