Technology, Gadget Advice from The New York Times

Gadget wiseIf you’re looking for quick, useful tips and news about technology, consumer electronics and gadgets, recommends you check out Gadgetwise from The New York Times Personal Tech.

Within the last couple of weeks alone, they’ve blogged about many topics including:

  • Resetting your password by accessing your time capsule;
  • The difference between 4G and 4G LTE; 
  • An iPhone photo app, book apps and gardening apps; 
  • How-to get your media retina-ready;  
  • iOS printing without AirPrint; 
  • How-to customize your Microsoft Windows start menu; 
  • How-to create your own cloud file storage; 
  • And many more. 


What are your favorite advice blogs on electronics, gadgets and other personal technology?