Not a Kodak Moment: Kodak Files for Bankruptcy

Kodak - Not a Kodak Moment: Kodak Files for Bankruptcy      While everyone continues to capture Kodak moments each day, and continues to digitize precious analog photo memories, the company responsible for countless photographic innovations and technology just last night announced they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. 
      “Not a Kodak Moment” quips Ina Fried of Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital. Read about recent Kodak news and share your thoughts on the evolving history of legendary iconic brand Kodak. supports Kodak’s restructuring efforts to keep this special brand a major part of the photographic community.

kodak+app - Not a Kodak Moment: Kodak Files for Bankruptcy
Kodak’s “Big” app

      Kodak has invented and reinvented aspects of worldwide image capture, storage, sharing, printing and has make taking pictures fun for millions of people globally.  With their Share button and app, picture takers instantly upload their photos to all their social media and photo sharing sites including Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Kodak Gallery and many others – with just the touch of a single button.  
      How has Kodak influenced your life?  You might be surprised to know that Kodak invented digital photography so it’s pretty likely you use technology first innovated by this creative brand in your everyday life.  Do you use a Kodak digital photo frame?  Have you printed a large banner or poster with their “Big” app?  Maybe you bought a Kodak camera, printer or one of their numerous products that have won Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Awards? 

kodak+booth+ces - Not a Kodak Moment: Kodak Files for Bankruptcy
Kodak’s booth at CES 2012

      Read Ina Fried’s article, “Not a Kodak Moment: Legendary Camera Maker Files for Bankruptcy Protection” and share your thoughts on all things Kodak.  Use the comment section to share other news about Kodak.  How do you think Kodak should transition in this digital world?  What would you do if you were a Kodak decision maker?