One of Our Favorite Customer’s, Ira Neimark, Former Bergdorf Goodman CEO, Profiled in the WSJ

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There are few greater joys than to share in a friend’s success. For us, Ira Neimark is more than a customer, he has been a role model. His prior book was used as a road map for how to create an extraordinary experience for our customers, by mirroring the former Bergdorf Goodman CEO’s decades of devotion to customer service and retail excellence.

Mr. Neimark’s newest book, “The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman” is now available at

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Published this month by Fairchild Books, the tome features short stories about his ascent from high school drop-out to the chief executive of Bergdorf’s, which he transformed “from an old, dull, expensive, intimidating store to a young, exciting, expensive, intimidating store.” He recounts his store experiences, and impressions of designers like Donna Karan (“When she had a small business, small ego—now she has a large business”), the Fendi sisters (“Always looking for the best deal, usually found it”) and Michael Kors (“Central casting for talent and good looks”).

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