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ScanMyPhotos NEW Lower Pricing for 35mm Slide Scanning

handscan - ScanMyPhotos NEW Lower Pricing for 35mm Slide ScanningDue to advances in technology that allows us to scan slides faster, ScanMyPhotos has lowered the price of 35mm slide scanning, scan mounted slides as low as 27¢

Professional, delicate hand scanning of 35mm mounted slides . Each scan is color and density corrected for optimum results and scanned using Digital ICE.

Key Features for Slide Scanning

  • Choose either 2,000 or 4,000 dpi JPEG scans

  • LOWEST RATE: 27¢ per slide for Family Archive Collection

  • Indvidually hand scanned and color/density corrected for optimal scan

  • Scanned using Digital ICE technology to remove dust, dirt and scratches (non-Kodachrome slides only)


There has never been a better time to dig out those old carousels of slides out of the closet, attic or basement and have them scanned by ScanMyPhotos!