Since 1990, over one billion photo memories preserved.

OC Tech Daily Blog: Preserve Your Old Photos And Home Movies Digitally

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Growing up, my family didn’t take too many photos. I lived a relatively photo-free life. Then, a few years ago, I got married. My wife’s family took pictures of every event in multiples. As a result, I’ve inherited tens of thousands of printed photographs. During my first year of marriage, my wife asked me how long it would take to scan them all into the computer. After I laughed, or cried, or both, I was somehow able to lock them away in a storage unit and forget about them until a better solution came along. Fortunately, I found the solution. is a company in Irvine, CA that will scan your photos, slides, or negatives for a fee. The service doesn’t stop there. They will also transfer your old films or VHS tapes to digital media so you can preserve those memories forever. Film and tape deteriorate and don’t last forever. Nor do photographs. What better insurance is there than to digitize all of your photos and home movies? The company was featured last night on KTLA. If you haven’t been nudged enough yet, watch the clip and see how it all works.