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CurrentMom is an incubator for emerging mom-focused technologies and women entrepreneurs, founded by Katherine Reynolds Lewis. At, moms can share wisdom and find community, support, energy and inspiration — as well as practical resources. CurrentMom is aimed at mothers balancing a business with family, but we welcome all moms as well as non-mothers who are interested in work-life issues and entrepreneurship.

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Now, based on a Groupon purchase, we’re in the middle of summer-long photo scanning project. Essentially, we’re reclaiming photos from the attic, old trip albums, and desk drawers and repackaging them for digital transformation. Already, we’ve bundled up 2000 photos (mostly of people, not scenery) and sent them off to be scanned by (So far, the quality has been good, although we did opt to pay extra for the higher-resolution service.) My husband’s been hand-scanning hundreds of photos that are either too old, odd-sized, or too precious to be sent off to the commercial scanner.

Most of the photos pre-date the digital age. Or at least from before I entered the digital camera era, just before my daughter was born. (My husband, an early adopter of all things digital, bought a digital camera well before I did. Unfortunately, he rarely took photos.)