Since 1990, over one billion photo memories preserved.

Photo Scanning: How Digitizing Pictures to DVD Works

Photo Scanning Service

How it Works
•Scanned in USA

•Fast, Same-Day Scanning

•Since 1990 We Have Preserved Tens of Millions of Memories

•Two Great Scanning Services to Choose From

Step 1 – Ship from anywhere worldwide or bring your boxes of photos to us

Choose which service you plan to use, either our popular mail order prepaid photo box which holds about 2,000 4×6 prints or our pay per 1,000 photo scanning service, then pack up your photos and ship or bring them to our Irvine, California headquarters.

Prepaid Photo Scanning Box

•$184 per box (buy 2 get 3rd free – Save $184)

•300dpi True Color 24-bit JPEG files

•Sizes from 3×3″ up to 8×10″


•Mail order only

•Valid only for deliveries within the U.S.

•Order the box online, we ship it to you

•Expires 1 year from date of purchase
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Order photo scanning box
Pay-per-1000 Scan Service

•$79.50 per 1,000 photos (no prorating)

•300dpi True Color 24-bit JPEG files

•Sizes from 3×3″ up to 11×14″

•Mail order or walk-in service

•Use your own box for packing, organizing & shipping

•Charged $79.50 per 1,000 image scanned, no limit, bring in as many photos as you wish

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Step 2 –
We scan your photos the same day they are received

Once your order arrives, we professionally scan your photos to 300 dpi JPEG files the same day they are received. 300 dpi files are great for viewing or sharing with others or making reprints, photo books or other photo products.

We use top of the line 80 year archival rated DVDs to store your images which means your photos are safe for the next generation and then some. It is always a good practice to have backup copies which you can order as well.

Step 3 – We ship your newly scanned photos back to you on DVD

When you order is complete, we pack up your photos and newly created DVD data disc for return shipping back to you. The process is quick and easy and because all scanning is completed in-house, you don’t have to worry about your photos being shipped overseas or taking weeks for your order to be completed.

Key Features of All of our Photo Scanning

•300 dpi JPEG scans

•Price is the same for any size photograph that meets our requirements, no complicated pricing based on the size of your photographs

•Super-fast: All direct mail orders are completed and prepared for return the same business day

•Includes 1 DVD data disc with your scanned images

•Photos can be scanned in a specific order (additional cost)

•ALL photos are returned with your DVD (We do not offer a photo disposal service)


•Many additional services to choose from to create the perfect finished project for you:

•Photo Soap

•Photo Rotation

•Photo Index Book

•Extra DVDs