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Using social media to improve your business

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Mitch Goldstone has owned a photo-developing business in Irvine, California, since 1990. He used to develop 24-exposure film cartridges. Today he takes those shoe boxes of photos under your bed and scans them so you can use them online. has 10,600 followers on Twitter and Goldstone has sent 32,000 tweets.

He doesn’t just self-promote. He shares links and product reviews, and blends into a running conversation online about all things photo. His presence on Twitter and Facebook has taken his Irvine photo shop international. He scans photos from three miles away in Irvine to thousands of miles away in Australia.

“If you’re not into social media social networking you will be out of business. I’m going to repeat that: You will be out of business if you don’t tweet, use Facebook, and social media today,” Goldstone says

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