New KODAK Gallery Capability Enables 500 Million Facebook(R) Users to Easily Share Their Kodak Moments

(BUSINESS WIRE) — Eastman Kodak Company announced a way to make the KODAK Gallery ( more social, by allowing users to join or login to KODAK Gallery using their Facebook account.

With this feature, Facebook’s 500 million users can easily share their KODAK Gallery photos with their friends using their Facebook username and password. Instead of remembering various password and username combinations for logging in to access their KODAK Gallery account, users have to remember just one set of login credentials.

“We’re looking to add simplicity to the lives of our users, and remembering a lot of usernames and passwords can be frustrating. Logging in via Facebook is a helpful way of not having to remember an additional login to access secure KODAK Gallery photos,” said Victor Cho, General Manager of KODAK Gallery, Eastman Kodak Company.

In addition to logging in on Facebook, users can upload photos to KODAK Gallery first, before sharing with friends and family on Facebook –to ensure photos are uploaded and stored in original high quality resolution. Also with KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology, photos are sure to look great when viewed on a high-definition television.

KODAK Gallery allows consumers to share, create and save all in one place and share instantly with their friends on Facebook or by email. KODAK Gallery provides easy access to products and services from almost any desktop or mobile device– allowing for an easier more efficient way to connect to your account.

KODAK Gallery continues to connect and interact with users through their Facebook Page and TWITTER handle at