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The “Pomp and Circumstance” Surrounding Good Graduation Photos

Get out your cameras, and get ready for May! It is time to start thinking about upcoming graduations.

Everyone has images embedded in their heads of the graduate standing with a friend, showing off their diplomas; but how about making some interesting images to go along with the “must haves” shots?

Be ready for the important shot
All grads throw their hats up in the air, so you need to be ready before it happens. It is best to be on higher ground to capture this image; a car makes a great stepladder in a pinch.

“Before” images make great memories
Take a shot before the activities begin. The day goes by so quickly. The student in this photo and her friends helped set up the auditorium before the guests arrived. They posed for some silly, but memorable, images that will make it fun when looking back.

It can be wonderful to remember a room you may have sat in for years before graduation day. It is nice to see it in a quiet state.

Capture all events
Yearbook signings around campus are an important end-of-the-year event. Keep your eyes open and look for images that will spark future memories.

Vary your subject matter
Not all pictures have to include people. Take the opportunity to make a beautiful still-life photo showing bouquets the girls carry during a high school graduation ceremony.

Use different types of poses
Showing hands and a program is a lovely way to express feelings of joy and thought, while showing the school name to give a sense of place.

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