Customer Feedback: "We Could Not Be More Thrilled"


After reading about you in The New York Times last August I ordered three photo boxes for you to scan. It took us a number of months to assemble the boxes with around 5000 prints however today we received back the final scanned box.

We could not be more thrilled.Many of the photos were well over 70 years old, some in poorer condition then others. The scan job was fabulous. More recent pictures retained quality comparable to our newer digital prints, and the old material looks significantly better than it did previously.

Scanmyphotos was courteous and the service extremely prompt. You all took great care of the pictures and went to the trouble to repack the boxes with the same care they were assembled with initially.I have no reservations strongly recommending your services to others. Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Bruce Cameron
Fort Lee, NJ


Description: This was taken at my wife’s parents’ wedding – well over 40 years ago. Last week we had our first child and having these memories so accessible to share with Emily means a lot. We have already run all the scans through Picasa’s face recognition software and Melissa’s parents are in the process of geo-tagging and captioning each of the pictures to ensure everything is given context and easily searchable. .