Since 1990, over one billion photo memories preserved.

Blogger Raving About Super-Fast Photo Scanning

Deal Alert – Check It Out!!!

“Let Me Think On It” Blogger Excerpt:

Calling all you I’ve-got-10,000-shoeboxes-of-old-photos-that-I-need-to-do-something-with followers. Do I have a deal for you!As many of you may know, I sometimes (okay, most times) take a long time to make a decision about things that are really important to me. Examples – should I go digital; what camera is the absolute, perfect, gotta have it camera; what photo lab is the absolute, perfect, gotta use it lab; where is that perfect, absolute, gotta buy it, elusive brown purse; should I paint my toenails today? You get the picture.

The scans are 300 dpi, perfect for most any project we want to create with these long lost photos. Can’t wait to make several hardbound photo books. Love this stuff.Check these guys out. I am sold. Go for it, friends. You will not be disappointed. Oh, and search on their website for a link to their blog.

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