How to Tag, Share and Easily Identify Your Scanned Photos

Rick Broida at PC World wrote about Google’s Picasa 3.5 software to easily tag your photos. Click here to read the article. From the tens of millions of analog photos, slide and negatives that are scanned at, the most popular question is how to easily identify and group the newly digitized photos. Picasa has the smart solution to automatically and quickly group your pictures and it is free. It is a quick way to find your photos.

Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great. Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button! Click here for more info.


“As you’ve probably discovered after years of taking digital snapshots, keeping a photo library organized can be a nightmare. Far and away your best ally: tags, which are little descriptors attached to each photo. Unfortunately, it’s a major hassle to manually assign tags, which is why I was delighted to see the new automatic-tagging feature in the just-released Google Picasa 3.5.”