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Kim Guymon, author, entrepreneur and scrapbook industry expert who operates a very well recognized photo imaging company called Photo Books{etc} that creates custom items with your photos or scrapbook pages just write about her experience with

Photo Books{etc} was started by Kim Guymon of ScrapBiz. Lots of traditional scrapbookers have discovered photo books and gifts and Photo Books{etc} found this program to be a fabulous way to make them! Its products are top quality and you will be thrilled with their competitive prices and product selection!

Scan My Photos Scanned My Photos – Blog posting:

A while ago, there was a contest sponsored by Scan My Photos on Twitter. If you re-tweeted the contest tweet, you could win free scanning. Well, I won free scanning!!!

The prepaid shipping box was quickly emailed to me and then I had to decide which photos would go into it. I hauled out all my photos and started sorting. I actually wish now I would have just grabbed piles and put them in the box instead of trying to sort them. They will all have to eventually be scanned anyway. But, I wanted the photos of family members scanned first so I went for those. I followed the instructions provided and crammed the box FULL – I think I ended up with well over 1000 photos and I could have probably crammed in a few more. Then I dropped the box in the mail – it was all pre-paid so all I had to do was take it to the post office and send it off to California (not India as some services do).

In a week or so, I got it all back – all the photos were scanned! WooHoo! The prize package included several copies so I was able to give a CD to my folks. Now, I have to decide what to do with the photos now that they are scanned. Do I throw them away or keep them? I guess I’ll keep them.
I can’t wait to use them for digi scrapping and make photo books at PhotoBooks{etc}!

The best part is that I didn’t have to scan them! I had started several times but doing one at a time on a flat-bed scanner was going to take FOREVER!!!!!

If you’re on the fence about the cost of a scanning service – get off the fence and go for it! Time is money! There is no way I could have ever scanned this many photos myself! I highly recommend and will use them again to finish up my scanning.


Background: Kim Guymon is considered one of the foremost authorities on starting and running a business in the memory preservation industry. Her company, ScrapBiz, helps entrepreneurial-minded women and men start and run their own businesses. In 2008, she added PhotoBookBiz to tap into the growing digital scrapbooking side of the industry. Kim is a memory preservation industry expert at the Roundtable Group, a Platinum level author at Ezine Articles and a SUNbassador Community Leader at She is a also on the advisory committee of the Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization for the International Photo Marketing Association and has written for several industry publications.