"It’s Time to Smile:" KODAK Ads Go Viral


Josh Goldman is a senior editor for CNET Reviews, covering digital cameras, camcorders, and related accoutrements. He explains how these smart “compliment guys” are helping KODAK’s marketing message go vital. SMART!

ScanMyPhotos.com can so totally see this national skit become a mainstay on NBC’s Late Night show, Saturday Night Live and become a new icon, much like the fabled phrase: “Kodak Moment.”


Background from Kodak’s blog: A Thousand Words:

We teamed up with The Compliment Guys, their mission – to give out as many compliments as they can. The Compliment Guys are two college kids from Purdue who started giving out compliments on campus to brighten others days – what a great idea!

On the homepage we also wanted to have some smiles. We teamed up with the Kodak flickr group What’s Your Story? to see what we could come up with. Every month there is a discussion thread based on a theme, members are encouraged to share their photos which best represent the theme. In June, we tried something a little different for the theme: Smile! – We’re trying something new! We would love to showcase some of your images on our web site.