Book Recommendation: "David Pogue’s Digital Photography: The Missing Manual"

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Chapter 1: Camera kinds Small medium or large Camera phones and iPhones Where to buy a camera Chapter 2: The only features that matter A big sensor Stabilizer Zoom Shutter View finder Manual controls Face recognition Auto focus Flip out screens Memory cards Burst mode Hi-Def jack Battery Movies Scene modes Wireless Touch screens Mega pixels SLR shopping Chapter 3 taking the shot: Composition and screen displays Chapter 4: The 10 decisions Auto mode Scene mode Manual mode Burst mode White balance RAW or JEG Exposure ISO Chapter 5: The Anti- Blur chapter Shutter speed Aperture Image stabilization Flash Tripod Timers Chapter 6: How they did that Sports shots Vehicles Panoramas Trailing car lights Fireworks Lighting Star trails Sunsets Underwater Close-ups Portraiture Chapter 7: The SLR chapter Lenses and accessories Chapter 8: Camera meets computer Picassa and iPhoto Transferring and importing photos File formats Chapter 9: The digital shoe boxThe source list Working with thumbnails Selecting photos Hiding photos Creating Albums Photo info Flagging photos Backing up photos Chapter 10: Fixing photos Editing photos Reducing red eye Fixing colors Saturating Sharpening Chapter 11: Photos on paper-and everything else Making your own prints Resolution Printing in Picassa and iPhoto step-by-step Creating slideshows