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  • Reminder: NO TIPPING. We appreciate your business, but, no tipping. Customers like to include a cash bonus with mail orders as an add a tip for our local walk-in business. But, we already pay super well and urge you not to tip, but a friendly note detailing your experience is always appreciated. There are no tip jars at our Irvine, Calif retail photo center and we specifically have a “no-tipping” policy. We appreciate your generosity by trusting us with your business, but we believe your order is a big enough message of support.
  • There IS such a thing as “Free Meals.” In addition to 100% company paid health insurance, and a very aggressive total compensation package (we have zero staffing turnover) also pays for all staff lunches. This has been one of our most favored perks at [30 Minute Photos Etc.] since way back in 1990 when the company was founded. Our employees love it and we dreamed up this added perk because it is important that everyone we work with is always well nourished and valued. Providing free lunches is a mandate at which is one more way we want to make sure everyone you trust with your pictures is totally spoiled and happy.

    Each quarter, we implement a special weekend-long brainstorming strategy session for staff. This weekend’s event is titled: “Capitalize on Nostalgia and the Emotions of Pictures; What’s Relevant Today?” The goal is to engage and advance our training and educational sessions to collectively search for the next “new-new” WOW! thing. As part of the event, is hosting an Academy Awards Oscar party on Sunday during staff this weekend retreat.