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About Customer Service: The 24/7 free live support help desk at fields inquiries throughout the day and night. While each question is a bit different, we use the feedback to build our “frequently asked questions” database and help modernize our website and enhance the customer service experience.

Earlier today, we received the below live support chat from Leon in Connecticut who misplaced his empty prepaid box. Here’s what went down and their feedback. The call was answered within 15-seconds; the entire dialogue between our California headquarters and the client on the East coast lasted under 4-minutes.

You too are invited to reach us 24/7 on our free live support help desk, or by emailing or calling – see contact page.

Chat Transcript, Visitor: leon, 25 Jan 2009 8:57:20, Finished: 25 Jan 2009 9:03:21

Leon: We have lost the [prepaid empty box] that was sent to us, it must have gotten thrown out with Christmas boxes. How can I get a replacement?

Welcome leon! Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

Call accepted by operator David. Currently in room: Hi Leon

Leon: hello

David: Do you have your order number?

Leon: I have to search my email

David: What is your last name?

Leon: M….

David: Is this your street address …..?

Leon: That’s me

David: Ok. We will place in the mail to you tomorrow a replacement box without charge.

Leon: You guys are the best

David: It is our pleasure

Leon: Thank you

Leon: Is that all you need from me?

David: Yes, Is there anything else we can help you with today?

Post Chat Survey Comments:

The speed of getting the chat going and the speed of resolving the issue. one of the best I have ever dealt with.

Politeness: 5
Proficiency: 5