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Thanks to Todd and Kristin’s for sharing their extraordinary “A View Into Our Livesblog and posting the below comprehensive recap from their recent experience.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I finally did it. I dismantled all of my photo frames and old photo albums (which killed me!) and collected all of my photos. Nervously, I packed every single photograph I could find into three boxes. Everything from wallet-sized to 8x10s, they were shipped to Irvine, California, so the fine folks at
Scan My Photos could shoot them all through their high-powered scanner.Less than one week later, the wonderful postman dropped three boxes on our doorstep, full of all of my photos plus three DVDs contained over 5100 scanned images! Yes, I had over 5000 photos!

Now it’s time for the really hard work. I have copied every image to my external hard drive, and I am cleaning up each photo and categorizing them. I’m also adding in all of my digital photo files. I will then burn images to CD or DVD and give them to family and friends. For Christmas, I gave family members an empty jewel case with a poem inside telling them what would be coming . . . eventually!I

hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as I am. I’m absolutely thrilled with the work done by Scan My Photos, and I am enjoying seeing all of these photographs from the past. Best of all, I know my photos are safe now. That’s truly the best part.