What About the Service at ScanMyPhotos.com?

While we try to add many of the customer testimonials and feedback from their ScanMyPhotos.com experiences on our website’s “Customer Stories” pages, here is another recent blogger who wrote about their family photo project that you may enjoy.

Tony Guerrero, who writes The Blog In My Eye, added these comments about ScanMyPhotos.com on his blog. Thanks, Tony!

“For Christmas this year, my gift to my family started as a little weekend project back in October. It turned into a 3-month ordeal, with about an $800 price tag. But worth it. I gathered every old photo from both sides of my family, dating from roughly the 1890s to the 1990s, and had them all scanned. I also found hundreds of undeveloped slides and negatives, mostly from the 1940s-50s-60s and unseen for decades (some never seen!) and had them developed and scanned. And three unseen 8mm films of my family from around 1971. In total, the final discs hold 9,440 photos, spanning both sides of my family over the last century.

I learned so much about my family going through these. For example, my uncles on my mom’s side hosted their own radio show in Hollywood in the 1940s, and featured guests like 40s bombshell Jayne Mansfield (that’s the first picture above, my Uncle Otto on the left) – how could I have not known that?!? And my great-uncle on my dad’s side was a candidate for President of Mexico, but was assassinated by the sitting president?!? (I have pictures of my uncle, but the newspaper above shows my grandmother at the funeral, far left.)

So, now, if the house ever burns down, we don’t need to grab the photo albums because they are all preserved on multiple copies, and my family will have them to pass on forever!

(By the way – while I scanned about 1,500 photos myself, the bulk of them were done by www.scanmyphotos.com. They are in Irvine, [California] but also do it through the mail at the crazy low price of $49 per 1,000 photos!)”