New Kodak Gallery iPhone application features browsing, uploading, sharing capabilities

Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., recently released the first version of its Kodak Gallery iPhone application focusing on browsing, uploading, and sharing, reports the Kodak PluggedIn blog. Browsing allows users to view all Gallery albums, over either Wi-Fi or AT&T’s Edge/3G networks, select an album, and browse photo thumbnails. With browsing, users select a thumbnail and see a larger image, then tap on that image and trigger an automated slide show.

Uploading gives users the ability to select any photo from the iPhone Photos app and deposit it into the Kodak Gallery album of their choice. Users can take advantage of the sharing functionality using the contacts stored in their iPhone by selecting the person to share with, then selecting the album to share. The contact will be sent an email from the Kodak Gallery pointing them to the album.

The settings app allows users to configure the account to access and change the tagline for the files to upload. It also enables the shake feature — from a browse album view, shaking the iPhone will make a sound and pull up a random photo from that album, says the blog. Kodak is encouraging customer feedback on the new iPhone app. Users can respond directly at the recently updated iTunes App Store.

[source: PMA]