Another Way to Share your Photos from, an online photo-sharing company has been offering tools that allow users to create custom photo slide shows with images and animations for their blogs or social-networking pages. Once you have your images digitally preserved by, click here for ideas on how to share those photos.

Slide has developed customizable and easily assembled slide shows of photos that can be embedded in a blog or a MySpace page, sent out in an RSS feed, and streamed to a desktop as a screensaver.

According to its website, Slide is the world’s largest publisher of social entertainment applications. It provides you the ability to engage and have fun with one another using the relationships you already developed on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. The social networks benefit from increased activity, advertisers benefit from an exuberant audience, and our users can share favorite videos, send virtual lattes or even throw sheep at each other. Slide, has several applications, including SuperPoke!, Top Friends and FunSpace — these are the most popular applications on their platforms, including the #1 and #2 most popular applications on Facebook (FunSpace and Top Friends).