Customer Profile: So What Do The Scans Look Like?

14pogue.3.190 - Customer Profile: So What Do The Scans Look Like?

With thousands of inquiries to, one of the most common questions – after whether we really can scan a thousand pictures in 15-minutes and if we really charge just $49.95 for this super affordable digital imaging service is this: Can I see a sample of what your scans look like?


We have several customer profiles that we profile on this “Tales from e World of Photo Scanning” blog (see links below), but there is no better and more convincing way to showcase our Kodak-quality scans than this customer sample from the Personal Tech columnist, David Pogue at The New York Times.

Click here to see a slideshow sample from his own processed images.

Sample Customer Scans- Steve G. Jack P. Felasfa W. Mary R.

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