Repost below from blogger review by Amanda. Thanks for the raves!

While recently scanning more old photos and albums, I ran across this little gem of a photo that I instantly loved. Me & mom cuddled up. Christmas decorations out. Hideous old orange curtains. Matching red nightgowns. Polaroid photo laying around. Box fan to keep cool- even in winter.
Camera in my hand.

I also recently dug out all my APS photos, circa mid-high school days through college. I would love to have those digitally and be able to share them and write about the stories behind many of them. Last week, I sent 58 rolls of APS film to Scan My Photos to turn them into digital files I can share with everybody. They offered a great deal for $5/roll plus the free return shipping. Can’t beat that price for priceless memories 😉

I received all my photos back in less than 2 weeks- all photos were burned to a disk and scanned at high resolution. They even included a little note explaining why they couldn’t scan 3 of the rolls. I’ll be spending the next few weeks strolling down memory lane and hopefully sharing some fun, old photos from days gone by.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I love, love LOVE digital photography!