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Photo Soap

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What is Photo Soap?

Photo Soap, formerly known as Crystal Diamond Photo Enhancement, is the newest version of our enhancement process. New features, new name. See what the fuss is about with the all new features:

  1. ALL NEW: Face detection The incorporation of face detection technology results in an even more robust solution to ensure exact exposure and color reproduction for what is the most viewed part of a photograph: the face.
  2. ALL NEW: Beautiful skin tones Refinements now enable corrections that show more detail in the face with a more natural skin hue and color.
  3. ALL NEW: Greater shadow detail / Better highlights A core strength brightening each individual pixel while maintaining real color with zero artifacts is even stronger now to draw out more details in the shadows and maintain detail in highlight areas.
  4. ALL NEW: Sharper images A series of powerful, unique algorithms have been enhanced to deliver a crisp-looking photo that is still artifact-free.
  5. Remove abnormal tint caused by tungsten, fluorescent, Ultra Violet, and Infrared lighting
  6. Restore color vibrancy to washed out and faded photographs
  7. Optimize the exposure for underexposed photos
  8. Apply medical quality contrast and sharpness

Each image enhancement is unique and results from picture to picture will differ. Every picture is corrected differently and the software may correct some images more than others. Individual results may vary.

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Additional options expire at the time of the expiration of the associated prepaid box order. At that time, no consideration, obligation or monetary reimbursement of any kind will be provided.