Astrophotography 101: How to Take Pictures of Stars

pictures of starsThe night sky is truly awe-inspiring. We look up to see the vastness of our universe and are greeted by an infinite amount of dim twinkling lights. On a crystal clear night, when the sky is in perfect focus, the first thing many of us want to do is take pictures of stars—aka, astrophotography.

The only downside, however, is the night sky is notoriously difficult to film.

But with the right gear, spot, and settings, anyone can take star pictures so they can show them off on Instagram or keep as a memento for years to come.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

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5 Photography Books That Will Help You Hone Your Craft

Want to improve your photography this year? Aside from playing around with the settings on your camera and taking lots and lots of photos, learning a thing or two from the pros is another great option.

I did some research to uncover the best how-to photography books. These are not coffee table books, mind you, but rather books filled with advice, stories, and experiences. Enjoy!

Capture the Magic: Train Your Eye, Improve Your Photographic Composition by Jack Dykinga


capture-the-magic-book-coverMany of us take photographs in an attempt to capture a feeling or moment. Capture the Magic will help you figure out what is actually important in the image so you can focus in on it. You’ll learn about composition, focal points, and how to use what’s available in any given situation.
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