How to prepare your tapes for transfer

What is Accepted/Not Accepted for Conversion?

  • This service is for video transfer only. Negatives, slides, photos and other media are not accepted.
  • We will accept VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, and Hi8 (also known as Digital8) for transfer. 8mm reels, BetaMax or any other type of videocassette are not accepted with this option.
  • Tapes must be in NTSC format. We cannot transfer PAL formatted videos.
  • Due to copyright laws, we cannot transfer any movie that is copyrighted including commercial movies, concerts, sports events, TV broadcasts without written permission from the owner of the copyright. While under "fair use" regulations, you yourself are allowed to make backup copies, we cannot offer this service as a business charging money for our service. It is illegal for us to do so. Before having transfer your VHS tape to DVD, you agree to indemnify our company of all copyright restrictions. You agree not to have us violate any copyright laws. Your personal movies that are not copyrighted are OK, but if you have anything, from TV shows, theatrical movies, or anything that you do not own the rights to make sure not to send it to us. We are serious and honor all copyright laws.

Preparing your Videos for Scanning

  • Depending upon your box, place your tapes in an orderly fashion within the box.
  • When empty space is present, use packing materials such as paper or bubble wrap to fill the empty space to help protect your tapes during shipping. We do not recommend using packing popcorn as it can break apart and become lodged within the cassette. If this happens, we may not be able to convert the affected tape.

Technical Information

  • Our video to DVD transfer discs are in a VIDEO_TS format, designed to be played in your home DVD player. VIDEO_TS files contain video, audio, subtitle and menu contents multiplexed together into a stream form and thus are not designed to be edited in on your home computer. You will need software such as HandBrake that can convert VIDEO_TS files to another format such as MPEG, AVI or MKV prior to importing these movies into a movie editing software.
  • While it is possible to fit more than 2 hours of video on a DVD, we prefer not to because of quality degradation. In order to fit more data on a DVD-R more compression is required. MPEG2 compression used in DVD's is lossy: the more you compress the lower quality you get. We can transfer longer tapes to DVD but we do not advise it and the quality of the transfer will suffer the longer the tape.
  • For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Stuff

  • Due to the nature of the prepaid boxes, we cannot offer a refund once the empty box has been shipped.
  • Due to swift technological changes, your returned prepaid video transfer box must be received back to within 364-days from the date the order was placed. Otherwise, the box expires and no consideration, obligation or monetary reimbursement of any kind will be provided.
  • If multiple boxes are ordered, there is no need to send them all in at the same time. Fill one up, save the others for a later time, or send them all in at the same time. It is up to you.
  • We cannot duplicate any videos if they have encryption on them, regardless of whether they are your own tapes or not. We cannot legally break the encryption due to copyright laws and our equipment will suspend all such transfers immediately. No refund, full or partial, will be given to prepaid boxes for tapes that are sent with encryption.
  • Please note however that all video work is done in a PC format and data may not be visible on a Mac. It will still play but may not be editable.
  • Please read ALL of the frequently asked questions regarding Video to DVD conversion before placing your order. Any tapes received that do not follow these guidelines run the risk of being charged without transfer occurring. Before ordering, you must read these frequently asked questions and by submitting your order you fully agree to all terms and conditions.