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Prepaid Photo Scanning Box

Prepaid Photo Scanning Box

Price: as low as $170

Code: RPB

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Upload Service: Want your images downloaded to your computer? Add this option and you can download all the photos we scan directly to your computer. (Choose legnth of time stored):
If ordering our upload service, please provide us with the email address you want us to send the notification to. If no email address is provided the upload email will be sent to the email address provided while placing your order (Please review email to ensure accurate delivery):

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Price Drop, Was $245, NOW $159!

Get out your shoeboxes and storage boxes packed to the gills with photos of friends, family, and long-ago events, and we’ll preserve everything for you on an archival DVD.

Without the add-on of Express Same-Day Scanning ($149.95), turnaround time is approximately 25 business days.

Our popular prepaid photo scanning service allows you to choose 72 dpi resolution for $170 per box or upgrade to; 150 dpi resolution for $295 or 300 dpi for just $310 or 600 dpi for $355 per box.

After you place your order, we’ll send you a prepaid box that you can fill up (on average, the box will hold 1,800 photos). But before you do that, please read our guidelines for how to prepare your photos for scanning. And this helpful tip sheet:

All work is completed onsite at our facility in Irvine, California and handled with the greatest of care by trained professionals.

  • Free shipping, +$24.95 when Return Photos option is selected.
  • Orders include 1 DVD data disc with your scanned images (300dpi, True Color, 24-bit JPEG)
  • 1-business day scanning available.
  • U.S. domestic orders only.
  • All photos are returned to you.
  • Box dimensions: 11" x 8.5" x 5.5"

Note: Due to swift technological changes, your returned prepaid box order for scanning must be received back to within 6 months from the date the order was placed. Otherwise, the box expires and no consideration, obligation or monetary reimbursement of any kind will be provided.

Since 1990, we have preserved millions of precious memories. Check this item off your to-do list, and send us your photos today!

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