Negative Scanning Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Your prices are already competitive, but I need to save even more money on my photo archival project. Do you have any added discounts and promo codes to save even more on my photo archival project?

A. Yes! Visit today's SPECIAL DEALS PAGE, and when your order exceeds $450, you also automatically save another $30 when you refer us and share the love with others.

Q. Hi, I’m curious if there’s any reviews and media news profiles on ScanMyPhotos? I’m doing research on the best place to scan my photos and other stuff and I’m trying to get to the bottom of what makes ScanMyPhotos different from other services?

A. You bet! We've been in business since 1990 and have loads of CUSTOMER REVIEWS,  MAJOR NATIONAL MEDIA PROFILES, AND TV NEWS REPORTS on the magic behind ScanMyPhotos.

Q. What format are my negatives scanned at?

A. All scanned negatives are in a 24-bit JPEG format.

Q. What resolutions do you scan at?

A. We offer two different resolutions. Our standard service is 2,000 DPI, which is equivalent to a 6 megapixel file. We also offer 4,000 DPI scans, the equivalent of a 16 megapixel file, at a higher rate.

Q. How large of a print can I make from the scanned images?

A. We recommend up to an 8"x10" print from 2,000 DPI scans, however you can go larger, just be aware there may be some pixelization when printed larger. 4,000 DPI scans can produce clear 20"x30" poster sized prints.

Q. Can you scan single cut 35mm negatives?

A. No, unfortunately our equipment requires negative strips to contain at least 2 frames, preferably 3.

Q. Are my negatives returned to me?

A. Yes, we return all your negatives to you along with the DVD data disc with your scanned images.

Q. Can you scan 126mm or 110 negatives?

A. No, we only offer 35mm scanning.

Q. Where are my negatives scanned?

A. All orders negative scanning orders are processed at our Irvine, CA headquarters, founded in 1990. At no point do your negatives get shipped out of the country or to any other company for scanning.

Q. Can you custom name my files or put my images into separate folders on the DVD?

A. Due to the high number of negatives that are scanned in an average order and our daily scan totals, we cannot offer to custom name your scanned images. Typically we will separate your rolls into separate folders starting with folder 01, then 02, etc. You can easily rename your files after you receive the DVD back. We recommend that you use any number of free file renaming software that is available that will automatically rename your files once copied to your hard drive.

Q. What is the best way to clean negatives?

A. While Digital ICE does help remove unwanted dust and scratches, it is only designed to remove a moderate amout. If your slides are very dirty or dusty, it is in your best interest to clean them prior to sending them in to be scanned. Here are some recommended tips:

  • Purchase a soft, anti-static cleaning cloth. Microfiber cloths, like those used for cleaning lenses, work the best.
  • Gently wipe the film negative from one side to the other. Watch for abrasive material, like sand, which should be gently blown off the negative before wiping with the dust cloth. For slides, remove the film from its plastic or cardboard casing before wiping to avoid just brushing dust to the edges of the slide.
  • FOR ADVANCED USERS: Find an alcohol-based film cleaner and compressed photographic gas at a photography store or online. The film cleaner should have a neutral pH and not contain any water. Cotton pads can be purchased at any drugstore. Pour the film cleaner on a cotton pad and spread it on the negative. A light touch and a steady hand will help preserve your film and prevent scratching. Use the compressed gas to blow off cotton fibers and dry the film cleaner. The negative should now be free from non-water-based stains.

Q. Will I be able to download the returned disc to color correct the scanned photos?

A. Yes, the images are not copy protected in any way and are yours to do with as you please. You can create a slide show, edit the images, reorganize or rename the files.

Q. I've downloaded my files onto my hard drive but it says they are locked. How do I unlock them?

A. Once on your hard drive, on a PC, simply select all, right-click on any highlighted file and select Properties. In the Attributes, simply make sure the Read-Only is unchecked. With a Mac, select all the files and press Command-Option-I. In the Ownership & Permission, change from Read Only, to Read & Write.

Q. Can I use the newly scanned digital DVD to view my photos on the TV with my DVD player?

A. The DVD we provide you with is not a video DVD. It is only a DVD with your JPEG files on it. There are a number of slide show creation software products available that would allow you to create a movie for your DVD player to watch on a TV. Some examples are: iDVD ® or Nero PhotoShow ®. However, some newer model DVD players do have a slide show feature but most limit the number of photos that can be loaded. In our experience, most DVD players will not load more than 200 images.

Q. What are your limits of liability?

A. IMPORTANT: Before ordering any of our products or services, you must first agree to read and agree to our terms, including the limit of liability and copyright agreement. You can read our limit of liability here along with the copyright agreement.