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Enterprise Bulk Negative Scanning

Starting at 39¢ per frame
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Additional Pricing Information

Your card will be charged a $500 minimum service fee when placing the order. Upon receipt of your negatives, total order amount will be calculated and charged based on number of negatives, optional services and selected return shipping option, minus the initial minimum service fee.

If you only have thousands of negatives that need scanning, Enterprise Bulk Negative Scanning for Business provides professional high volume commercial negative scanning. Minimum order size is 5,000 35mm negatives.

Simply choose 2,000 or 4,000 DPI JPEG scans, and take advantage of our new lower prices of 39 cents per frame for 2,000 dpi or 74 cents per frame for 4,000 dpi.

Your negatives will be individually hand-scanned onsite at our facility in Irvine, California and handled with the greatest of care by trained professionals to ensure the highest quality digital format possible.

Note that negative strips must be at least 2 negatives long. DO NOT FOLD YOUR NEGATIVES OR CUT 35MM FILM INTO SINGLE FRAMES, or they will be unscannable.

  • Orders include 1 set of DVD data discs with your scanned images (2,000 dpi, True Color, 24-bit JPEG) Large negative orders may span multiple discs.
  • Digital ICE is only available for color negatives
  • 5-business day scanning available.
  • All negatives are returned to you.

Packing Instructions

If your negatives are in sleeves, great! They will be protected from damage during shipping. If they are not in sleeves, we recommend placing them in a standard envelope to prevent damage. DO NOT FOLD YOUR NEGATIVES OR CUT 35MM FILM INTO SINGLE FRAMES. This will render them unscannable.

Since 1990, we have preserved millions of precious memories. Send us your negatives today, and start enjoying them in digital format within a few short weeks!