The Gadgeteer: ScanMyPhotos Photo Scanning Service Review

What is the best photo scanning service?

Lynn Lopez wrote this article for The Gadgeteer:

The Gadgeteer: ScanMyPhotos Photo Scanning Service ReviewEXCERPT:

  • I placed the order on March 17 and received the shipping box and instructions on March 22nd.
  • I received an email from ScanMyPhotos on March 27th that my order was received. On the 28th, I got another email saying my order was being scanned. Later that same day, I got an email from Fed Ex saying I had a shipment coming from ScanMyPhotos. I also received another email from ScanMyPhotos with the link to download my pictures. The Fed Ex box was a priority overnight box, and I received my pictures and the ordered thumb drive the next day.
  • I was really happy with the way the pictures turned out. I had bundled my photographs together in groups that made sense to me. Even though I did not pay to have the pictures scanned in order, I can tell they scanned each bundle as a group in the order the bundle was made.
  • The image sizes ranged from just under 1 MB for the tiny 3×3 photos to 4 MB for my 4×6 to 9 MB for the 8×10. I knew there was no way they could sharpen some of the older pictures much, but the Photo Soap software did a good job of bringing out more detail and enhancing the color of the images.
  • What I like: Very fast service, emails letting you know where they are in the process, high DPI scan options, photo software to clean up the image, and great results.
  • I think ScanMyPhotos did a great job of digitizing my old photographs. They were very fast and communicated during the entire process.



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