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Our friends at Real Simple published this prime on how to organize stuff, including pictures, and recommended

The article by Alyssa Longobucco (freelance writer and editor, @alongobucco), profiles “6 Things Almost Everyone Has Trouble Decluttering—Plus How to Let Go.”


Somewhere along the way, we all got the impression that decluttering our homes should be easy. If you don’t need something you simply…let it go—right? Well, if you’re anything like me (a bit of an emotional peach with a very strong sentimental streak), that is much easier said than done, especially when it comes to items that tug at your heartstrings like photographs and letters.

Pictures are one of those things that we all find ourselves hanging onto, and I’m inclined to just tell you to keep everything. After all, we all rarely print out photos anymore, so any that you do have laying around are probably old and special. That being said, there are a few ways to organize your photo collection, weed out any unnecessary shots, and protect your favorites. For any pictures that lay unprotected in a box, there’s EverPresent and ScanMyPhotos.

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