Inflation Remedy: Surging Prices Turn Shoppers Into Bargain Hunters

Inflation Buster at ScanMyPhotos

Yeah, we’re a photo scanning company. But we are also plugged into the economy and the news.

The soaring inflationary pricing is causing havoc for consumers and small businesses.

Save 22% Sitewide at ScanMyPhotos.comToday’s consumers feel the squeeze of inflation, which means that prices are going up across the board, not just on big-ticket items like homes and cars but also on everyday products and services like digitizing pictures.

When your budget is tight, figuring out how to save money can seem impossible at times, but with new price buster program at can help you save money in times of inflation.

ScanMyPhotos is providing a sitewide 22% discount on all photo scanning services starting today. To access, please use this promo code at checkout: Valentine.


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